Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cave Exploration Next Time?

Who wants to join me in exploring these caves on Santa Catalina Island?

We would probably need to go in kayaks to glide down the shore line where there are many openings that just beckon one to explore. 

On my first kayak outing I got close to some openings but because I was a novice I wasn't as adventurous as I am on solid ground. I was worried I'd get caught in the kelp beds. Mostly,  I didn't want to tip over in the kayak. However, escapades call out to me. Next time I'll bring a flashlight just in case I decide to get closer to the openings. If you explore a cave, tell me about it so I know what lurks in that pitch darkness.

Let's go that way!!!

Every thing looks beautiful from the water!

Below: The northwestern tip of the Island.

Good bye Santa Catalina Island. I hope to explore you more another time! 

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