Monday, July 16, 2012

H-O-M-E-S this how you remember the five Great Lakes, Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior? Works for me. After all these post grade school years I can still easily name the five Great Lakes 
 A rare cloudless satellite view of the entire Great Lakes region, April 24, 2000, (taken from Wikipedia)  
grew up in the Midwest so getting near the Great Lakes, or any major bodies of water wasn't easy. I visited Lake Michigan when I was still in High School. I saw it from Chicago. I don't have digital pictures from that era so I'll post about my recent visit to Lake Erie.

The Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail is 293 miles long. It would take roughly 8 hours to drive it straight through. Three or four days is recommended to take advantage of all the available stops and sightseeing along the way. Since I had a plane reservation later in the day, I had to take the mini tour west from Cleveland.

There were heavy rains on the day I was visiting the Lake Erie Coastal Trail. But I was thrilled to be looking at a part of the 12th largest freshwater lake in the world. I loved how closely the Trail followed the shoreline so I could enjoy the scenery without getting soaked in the rain.

A sign posted in a park along Lake Road

My First View of Lake Erie
More Views of Lake Erie

 I had been told to be sure and stop along the way for some Lake Erie yellow perch. Even though they are caught year round, it was prime season while I was there. I must say it was totally delish. Look at all that butter on the mashed potatoes. Pure home cooking. I highly recommend trying the yellow perch if you're visiting the area. 

The Vermilion Lighthouse is one of many lighthouses along this route. This lighthouse is actually a replica of the 1877 lighthouse. There is a fascinating story about the history of this lighthouse. I hope you go to the link and read about it.

Attached to the Vermilion Lighthouse is the Maritime Museum. The museum was at one time the childhood home of one of the town residents. The house had been built of gravel from Lake Erie in 1909 and the old house became the main structure of the Great Lakes Historical Society Maritime Museum.  It is now permanently closed and the museum will be relocated to Toledo in 2013. Research operations continue to run in Vermilion. 

I had been looking forward to a Miller Ferry ride at Catawba to Put-in-Bay. We arrived when the last ferry was going out and wouldn't be returning till morning. With my airplane beckoning me, I didn't have the time for an over-nighter. Maybe another time I can do this. I always hope to return to places I've loved. 

I only got to look and didn't get to ride, so I took a picture instead
On the way back to Cleveland, off the Lake Erie Circle Trail, in Catawba Island, I had to stop and photograph these amazing water lily pads. They were abundant and so beautiful. 

In the dry Colorado climate we don't have things like this. We have gorgeous mountains but no lily pads

The water lily pads stretched on and on.

 Ohio is a great state to explore. I'm pleased to have had such a great visit there, even though it was a soggy one.


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  2. Thanks, David, what a great, fun video. Maybe they were absent that day at school.