Friday, February 21, 2014

Colors on our journey

Color is important to me. My walls are painted in a cheery hummingbird blue, balanced by a cornbread yellow. I'm wearing a bright red sweater and red knitted slippers as I sit this morning at my laptop. When I'm asked for my favorite color, pink barely edges out green, yellow or purple. When I was doing a lot of quilting I delighted in walking through fabric stores. Bolts and bolts of color drew me into a heady high. Like this birthday bouquet I received, every vibrant color becomes my favorite for the moment.

On my travels, whether on a local errand or more exotic trip, I keep my camera at my side ready to take home the eye candy I find along the way. Below are some highlights of colors I found on these journeys. I hope you'll spend your day admiring the colors in your life's path.

Red car at Red Rocks, Colorado. 

Red coat and helmet for Beth Blair, my daughter, at the zipline thrill in Ketchican, Alaska.

Dusky Yellow sky with winter tree contrast, Arvada, Colorado.


Pink Princess Abbi, my granddaughter.

Evergreens in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Green mounds of Aloe on Catalina Island, California

Orange maple leaves bringing color to Colorado in the fall.


Blue sky dotted with popcorn clouds in Arvada, Colorado.

White bark Aspen in Colorado.

White snow piling up on my mailbox, Arvada, Colorado.

Rustic Gray building at Walker Ranch, Foothills above Boulder, Colorado.

Gray sea lion rests neighborly by my friends' sailboat in Marina del Rey, California.

Black and white Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken in Medina, Ohio

Purple clad pre-schooler, Abbi, in Arvada, Colorado.

Purple Iris blooming in Alaska.

Brown stone Chapel on the Rock, St. Catherine of Sienna Chapel, St. Malo, Allenspark, Colorado

Brown labyrinth along the golf cart tour of Catalina Island, California. 

May your world and travels be filled with beautiful color!