Monday, July 9, 2012

Following Their Dreams, Every Year!

I had the most delightful find today while having breakfast at Denny's Restaurant in Wheat Ridge, CO.

An exuberant group of people in bright yellow T-shirts caught my eye. The sight of them persuaded me to leave the safety of my booth and go find out what they were up to. I'm so glad I approached them with a request to take their picture. They were as happy to tell of their adventure as I was to hear about it.

The Lopez family is on their 5th annual trip. This year it was Alicia's turn to pick their family dream trip. She lives in Texas and has wanted to visit Colorado. So their bright yellow T-shirt boasts: Following Our Dreams to Colorado 2011.

This group of travelers plans for their yearly trips by fundraising throughout the year to help cover costs. Here in Colorado they have a 15 passenger van to travel the area in. The Lopez family travels from their hometowns to the chosen area each year. They come in from Michigan, Texas and other areas. Last year, New York was their destination and next year, it's looking like New Orleans will be the choice. Las Vegas is also on the agenda for the future.

Twelve names are listed on the back of the T-shirts. These are the travelers. These are the dreamers. Thank you, Lopez family for sharing your fun times with me today!

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