Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dock and Dine at Killer Shrimp

Most of the time when my husband, Rex, and our friends David and Christy go out to dinner we drive a car to the restaurant. We sometimes even use Valet parking when we get there. It was a whole new experience, though, when David suggested we sail to dinner at the only dock and dine restaurant in Marina Del Rey. We slowly cruised through the lovely Harbor and docked at Killer Shrimp. It was so fun arriving in such style. 

Welcome sign on the dock

After securing the sailboat on the dock, we walked up the ramp to the front door. In the dining room was a large fish tank with beautiful fish. Wanting a view of the dock and boats, we requested a table at the Harbor Patio. It was outdoor seating with glass enclosures and welcome heaters. We had a great view of our friend's sailboat and the other boats and dinghies bringing more diners.

Our view from the outdoor patio

The specialty of the house is a bowl of Killer Shrimp. This is how the restaurant describes it:
"Killer Shrimp" Is Prepared Using Natural Ingredients That Are Simmered For 10 Hours To Create Our Luxurious Spicy Sauce. When Your Order Is Placed The Shrimp Are Added To The And Cooked Quickly. Your Order Is Rushed To Your Table Piping Hot And Served With French Bread For Dunking.

When ordering, the signature dish is described as very spicy. It's a spicy broth of garlic, cayenne, rosemary, thyme and butter with a pot full of secret spices. Each serving contains a half pound of large shrimp (26-30's, in industry terms.) A very generous portion of sliced French Bread is served in a large colander for dipping. When ordering you have a choice of the shrimp being served peeled or unpeeled.

There are wonderful other choices on the menu so we all ordered different things and shared generous bites with each other. On the table along with the Killer Shrimp was Lobster Mac and Cheese, Bistro Shrimp Tacos, and Mahi Mahi. It was another yummy, fun, celebratory meal with friends. 

Our ride back to the home slip after dinner
You can see the outdoor patio behind  the sign

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