Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happiest Person Award

Oh the irony of it all! About two weeks ago I was tickled pink to receive a certificate proclaiming I was selected to receive the Secret Society of Happy People's 2011 Happiest Person Award. Along with my lovely certificate I received a large medallion on a white ribbon, and a ribbon wrapped cellophane bag filled with Secret Society of Happy People "pass it on cards", post cards, a button with the SoHP logo and a pin. My DH had nominated me and the Society also included his very sweet write up that won me this honor. I was just amazed at what he wrote about me. I do try to be upbeat and happy so to receive this award was affirmation of the way I choose to live my life. At work, I have an elderly couple that call me "Sparkles". The gentleman has often asked me why I'm always so happy. I've told him I choose to be, no matter what is going on in my life. My beloved Dad used to quote Abraham Lincoln when I was growing up " We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be."

So, the irony I referred to above involves this elbow length pastel blue cast on my left arm. Six days ago I was futzing around on my patio and tiki hut. I was attempting to move some things around when I tripped on a rolled up rug that had been put on the patio after the garage clean-up session the day before. As I fell, I grabbed my wooden tiki serving bench and fell oh so gracefully onto the rug pulling the bench down with me. Even though it was a soft landing, I felt the pop in my wrist as I fell. I think my scream of alarm and the crash of the bench interrupted my husband's concentration and he called out asking if I was okay. My DH was in the middle of a timed test on the computer so I yelled "I'm okay, keep going!". He was doing a two hour employment test and I was just trying to keep quiet by staying out of the house. After I sat and cried for a few minutes, I dragged myself up off the ground and proceeded to evaluate the damage I had just done to my wrist. A bump by the bone was starting to swell, and it was hurting. "I was not happy"! Today I received a phone call, my 3rd confirmation, that my bone is really broken. It was a recorded message "the radiologist has looked at your X-rays and he has reported it is broken and that you need to follow up with the orthopedic doctor." No kidding.

I have found that people are either curious or being polite. I would say between work yesterday and being out and about today, less than five people I have been around have failed to ask me what happened. Some even suggested I fell off bar stool or hit my husband or successfully guessing I fell. This cast is inconvenient, bulky, itchy, hard and just plain unpleasant. I find I tell people " I am not Happy" (about having to wear this cast). I wonder if I should start wearing my Happiest Person Medallion to remind myself I really am a Happy Person, even if I have a pretty blue cast on my arm! Attitude is everything! :-)

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