Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Colorado English Motoring Conclave, Sept. 16, 2012

The Colorado English Motoring Conclave is coming to Oak Park, Arvada, Colorado, right across from my backyard! This year the conclave will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2012. Come one, come all! 

Every year I look forward to the opening ceremony with the bagpipers and drummers.  They walk through the park drawing crowds around them. It's exciting watching and listening to them. I wish I had an mp3 recording to play along with this post for you. 

At this amazing car show there are over 500 British cars and bikes on display. Since any British car is welcome you will see all kinds of vehicles in a variety of colors, shapes, and conditions.

For all you Harry Potter fans, below is a model of the enchanted flying Ford Anglia that Ron Weasley flew to Hogwarts in The Chamber of Secrets. The car got them to school but then lost power and crashed into the Whomping Willow. The car drove itself into the Forbidden Forest where it later reappears to rescue Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from yet more trouble. The car is endearing to those who have seen it in action. Besides, who wouldn't love a flying car?

You will also see cars and motorcycles from all the British Colorado clubs.  These clubs join together in planning and promoting this annual event;  Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Lotus, MG Car Club, MG T Register, Morris Minor, Rolls Royce, Sunbeam, Triumph, TVR, Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing  and British Motorcycle Association.

This Rolls Royce is a real beauty. How would you like this one in your driveway? 

A whole row of cool!

Wouldn't these next few cars be fun to cruise around town in? Just for fun can you help me identify each of these next 6 cars? You can put answers in the comments section. I like to take pictures of awesome cars, but I'm no expert at knowing exactly what I'm looking at. Even if you can only name one or a few cars, enlighten the rest of us. If you don't know what they are, ask around. I'm sure someone can name them all. 

Car A:

Car B:

Car C:

Car D:

Car E:

Car F:

Below is an Austin-Healey owned by a neighbor of mine. I see her driving down the street in it.  It's definitely a fun and awesome way to get around. l admit I'm a bit partial to any convertibles.

Inside view of the Austin-Healey.

Mini-Coopers are frequently seen on the streets these days and they were not shy in their showing at the car show. These cars strike me as being cheery and playful.  I know a police officer who has a cute Mini-Cooper and as a joke her co-workers picked up her car and turned it sideways in her parking spot at the employee's parking garage. I'm sure it was cause of great merriment for the entire department.

Note the signature of John Cooper on this car. John Cooper was a British car racing legend and with his father founded the Cooper Car Company. Eventually he developed the British Motor Corporation Mini. Before he died in 2002, the Cooper name was licensed to BMW.

I Love the "Actual Size" decal on this car. It made me laugh.

Even a woody mini was showing off its stuff. 

This is only a small sample of the fantastic cars on display at the annual Colorado English Motoring Conclave, or, car show for short. 

Also at the event you will find food vendors.  When you get there, get in line early, the lines get long. The Rocky Mountain Triumph Club collects food for the 9 Cares, Colorado Shares food drive effort so bring a can or two of food to donate. 

Hope to see you here! 


  1. How fun! I'm so excited we'll be in town for it this year. See you soon!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you and having lots of fun!

  3. A big thank you to the Colorado English Motoring Conclave for the answers about the cars! They posted these answers on their Facebook page:

    A - Jaguar SS-100 (they started renaming them after WWII as SS was not politically Correct. The SS stood for Swallow Sidecar, they made motorcycle side cars before making cars).
    B - Rolls Royce, not sure of the Model but I believe it is a 1934,
    C - Delorean DMC-12,
    D - Australian 1957 Chevy.
    E - New MINI but I cannot tell what model.
    F - Morgan either a Plus 4 or a 4/4 depending on the engine.

    It was another great car show today! Beautiful weather and lots of awesome cars!

  4. Hey! I didn't know they did this. I'll have to go next year. Looks fun!

  5. Stephanie, I hear they had close to 500 cars on the field this year. Impressive! See you there next year!

  6. I was about to answer the car quiz when I saw your comment, Rita. Haha! But anyway, I enjoyed the photos you provided and this British car show is definitely something to look forward to this year. I hope the Ford Anglia Deluxe will be featured again. =)

    Delsie Maidens

  7. Delsie, thank you for stopping by Roaming Rita and for your comment. Next time don't peek at the answers and answer the quiz anyway...I might learn something new! :-) I'll enjoy knowing you are somewhere in the crowd at the car show this year!