Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Segway Ride Was On My Bucket List

I have a very active Bucket List with a long lineup of things I would like to do. One of these items was to ride a Segway. My plan was to go over to a nearby golf course and see if I could go for a ride on one of theirs. As it turned out, the Segway came to me. 

In case you're not familiar with what a Segway is it's a trademark name for a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels. A user stands between the wheels and by shifting their weight can move the Segway forward or backward. To turn, the user uses the control on the handlebar. It takes a little training and practice to feel at ease on it but once you have it figured out, off you glide. 

My Segway glide happened at midnight in Omaha, Nebraska. My husband and I were on a road trip and had just stopped  at a motel for the night. As I was getting out of our car the night security, John, zipped up to my car door to greet us. I pointed to his Segway and said "riding one of those is on my Bucket List." Immediately he said "well, let's take care of that right now." As my husband unloaded our suitcases and checked us into the motel, I was out in the parking lot at midnight having a Segway riding lesson. 

John trained me well. He kept his hand on the Segway until I could prove to him that I had understood his instructions. Then he would test me and let me move the Segway till I bumped into him. He wasn't going to turn me loose on my own until I could safely glide. 

Finally I got his go-ahead and I had a blast riding the parking lot. I was having so much fun, that I  hoped my whoops and hollers weren't disturbing the sleeping guests. 

John and I parted with hugs, smiles and as Facebook friends. I will be sure to stop at that same motel for another glide if I'm ever roaming through Omaha again.  

Many towns and tourist places have Segway tours available. Riding a Segway you can cover more area than if you were walking and yet see things up close as if you were a pedestrian. Check your local area or places you are visiting for Segway tours. It's a delightful experience.  Have you glided on a Segway yet?

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