Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best Wedding Cake in Denver: Das Meyer

Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet is a hidden jewel located in Arvada, Colorado. It is an award winning Wedding Cake bakery with renowned  master baker and owner Dennis D. Meyer.  The family runs the business and the same familiar faces have greeted us customers all through the years.  I feel like I've watched the kids grow up and now they have children of their own. They have been in business since 1982. 

When I moved to Arvada 15 years ago I lived on the street behind this amazing place.  I was pleased to discover I could wander into this delightful bakery and be served a cup of coffee to go with the luscious pastry I had chosen from the display case.  For years I often met friends for a danish and coffee all the while admiring the wedding cake samples on display throughout the bakery. Four years ago our middle son and his bride ordered their wedding cake from Das Meyer and on one of my milestone birthdays I treated myself to one of their small decorative cakes for my celebration. Of course, it was a Das Meyer cake at our oldest daughter's bridal shower as well. 

Last Saturday our youngest daughter, Mary, was joined in wedded bliss to her sweetheart, Gabe. There was no discussion about where their wedding cake would come from. Das Meyer has always been our local favorite. The only thing left to decide was the flavors and design for the cake. Every Saturday, except during December and January, Das Meyer offers cake tastings of at least 15 different specialty flavors. This gives a bride and groom and up to 2 guests an opportunity to sample their delectable flavors. On the Saturday we attended, the place was bustling with engaged couples and families. As we sampled different choices of cake, we had multiple photo albums stacked on all the tables with wedding cake designs to peruse. This was helpful in finalizing how our daughter wanted her wedding cake decorated. Below is the lovely and delicious cake we ordered. The cake flavors decided on were strawberries and champagne , chocolate lovers and Godiva white chocolate with swirl pattern white butter cream icing.  

Mary and Gabriel cutting their Das Meyer wedding cake, September 15, 2012.

Wedding cakes may be a specialty at Das Meyer but they have an assortment of other delicacies that make a trip there worthwhile. 

Cookies, cakes for all occasions, strudels, danish, tarts, petite fours, fruit breads, flaky cinnamon rolls and more are available for any party, event or for your own eating pleasure. My favorite time to stop in Das Meyer is on Saturday. Their Saturday only offerings are large cinnamon rolls and savory stuffed croissant pockets . The croissant pockets come in four yummy flavors.  The choices are ham with mushroom and Swiss cheese, spinach and feta cheese, mild green chilies and cheddar cheese, and chicken in buffalo wing sauce with ranch and cheddar cheese. Since I can't decide on a favorite, I buy one of each and cut them into fourths to equal one whole one. I get the best of all four flavors that way. I count on my family to help eat the other 3/4ths of each pastry which they are always happy to do.  

Das Meyer has it all, service, fabulous products, atmosphere and reputation. If you are looking for a place  you can trust to handle your order for your large to small event, Das Meyer is the place. For a wedding cake, it's the best place in the Denver area. 


  1. You do a very nice job of showcasing a business or fun event! YES! Das Meyer is the best for cakes and pastries, hands down! Mary and Gabe had a beautiful wedding cake. :) What a lovely bride and groom.

    Now, go eat that pastry I know you have hidden somewhere..........from Das Meyer. :)

  2. Thank you, Stephanie!

    You know me so well! I wish I had hidden pastries, though, this morning! Hmmm, maybe a stop at the bakery is due!