Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yanert Glacier Helicopter Ride

Riding in this helicopter and playing on Yanert Glacier has been the highlight of all my travel adventures, (so far). 

When I signed up for a helicopter ride to a glacier in Alaska, I had no idea I would be experiencing a bit of heaven on earth. 

Arriving at the heliport, my daughter, Beth Blair, and our Twitter friends were weighed and given a pair of glacier walking boots. The weigh-in was to evenly balance the weight in the helicopter.  The five of us on this excursion were called by name to climb into the helicopter according to our seat assignments. With our green boots buckled up, we were ready to go. 

 I was happy having a window seat behind the pilot. 

Preparing for lift off we put on our earphones and adjusted our microphones so we could visit with each other and talk with the pilot. We had amazing Enya music playing in our ears if no one was talking. It was perfect background music for this amazing ride to sights so rarely seen. 

Our Era Flightseeing pilot related the geology of the mountainous regions and the glacier carved valleys below. I was thinking how my husband, Rex, a geophysicist, would understand all this better than I was.  As we traveled at 110 mph, we saw the terrain change from lush greenery to  frozen tundra. 

After a delightful flight we started descending towards the icy terrain. 

The landscape was uneven and I wondered how we were going to land on the glacier. 

Very gently our pilot set us down on an uneven clearing. He opened my door and I looked down at the floor of white. I asked "how far will I sink when I step down?"

 I was seeing these water holes in the ice and I expected to step onto something like snow. I didn't need to worry as I soon found out the ground was frozen hard. These holes were from rocks that had been warmed by the sun and had sunk into the ice causing these water holes.  There was no way we were going to sink even with the sun occasionally shining.

One of the most striking views was the magestic blue color of the glacial ice. It was like we were in another world. 

With our glacier walking boots we were able to romp and play on the uneven glacial ice.

The area  where we had landed was large, quiet, magnificently beautiful and so peaceful.  I dearly loved it there.  I wanted to stay and not leave. I hoped the pilot would leave me there and pick me up on another of his trips back. I knew it wasn't likely to happen but the thought of leaving this incredible place was hard to fathom. 

Even though I was standing on a frozen glacier, it didn't feel freezing cold at all. I didn't need to wear a hat and I had on a simple fleece jacket and blue jeans. There was no wind and the sun kept us comfortable as we explored.

 Everyone was having a joyous time. You can see how happy I was!

As all good things must come to an end, Beth and I had to eventually climb back into the helicopter with our fellow travelers. A final picture with our feet on the glacier saves this memory for us.  

Back on the helipad I was still on a spiritual high having experienced a little bit of heaven. It confirms that I have to be good so when I leave this world, I get to see more of heaven. It must be magnificent if God gave us this place on earth.

Over and out...until next time.


  1. I love it. I enjoyed reading and viewing those photos.Having or renting helicopter is such an enjoyable moment co'z you can do everything.Thanks for publishing!


  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. You are so right, that a helicopter ride is a wonderful moment! I see you love helicopters too! Happy flying!