Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Colors in Colorado

Fall Colors in Colorado are always a reason for bringing your camera on a road trip to the mountains.  I grew up in Nebraska where the colors were bright reds, oranges and yellows. I used to love soaking up the views. Now in Colorado we have the quaking yellow aspens that glow in groups among the pine trees on the mountain slopes. There are a few red leaves mixed in and some rare red aspens even present themselves. This week I want to give you a tour through some colorful Colorado beauty. Enjoy your trip through the trees! 

I enjoy looking at the contrast of the dark tree trunk with the golden leaves.

I especially delight in finding the red leaves on trees.

Aspens in a grove of reds above and golden yellows below.

Another close-up of the quaking red aspen leaves from above.

A mix of yellow and green leaves as the trees are changing colors.

On our mountain ride the golden aspens lined the road.

Rocky Mountain aspens all aglow.

Panoramic views of golden aspens in the mountains.

I marvel how the sunlight shines through the trees illuminating the leaves.

Red leaves were found just around the corner at a neighboring home. 

These trees, above and below, are the neighbor's tree that fills our driveway with leaves every year.  They are beautiful on the tree, not so much on the driveway. 

This red maple leaf, below, is a very special one. When I found out my youngest son would be going away to college in Iowa, I knew he would be seeing gorgeous colored leaves. I asked him to pick up a red one for me. On my first visit to see him at parent's weekend he handed me this red leaf. He had attached it with clear packing tape to a piece of copy paper. I was so delighted I've kept it all these years. He was a freshman 7 years ago. It's held up well, hasn't it?


The leaves start to hint that they are not going to be around much longer but rather will be gracefully falling into a crunchy carpet below. 

Eventually the beautiful leaves gather in piles to be raked.

Our next natural event will be snow. Already we've had a light dusting and the beautiful leaves survived. By the next snow fall the trees most likely will be bare.  I love the changing seasons.


  1. I had forgotten how stunning Colorado is in the fall. Looks like a beautiful year!

  2. The trees are truly beautiful. I can't resist stopping my car to take pictures of them :-)