Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peaches from Palisade, Colorado

My 18 pound box of world famous Palisade peaches arrived today. They are juicy, freshly picked and a wonderful sweet treat. I wish I had a scratch n sniff sticker for you to enjoy a whiff of these delectable delights. 

Palisade, Colorado, is the peach and wine capital of Colorado. It's located on the Western Slope east of Grand Junction. It has a mild climate perfect for growing peaches and grapes for wine. 

This weekend is the 44th annual Palisade Peachfest. It has all things peachy and something for everyone. It's held the third weekend in August so even though it's too late for you to go this year, you can put it on your calendar for next year. If you plan to go, let me know. It's a mere 4 hour drive for me. 

 I had heard about Palisade peaches and wine ever since I moved to Colorado in 1994. Finally I was able to visit the area. The peaches on the trees are beautiful and I am happy to say I resisted picking any free samples off the trees.  I patiently waited for my own box of peaches. 

My 18 pound box of peaches came with a count of 36 peaches. I'm already wishing I had ordered another box as they are going fast. They are perfect for eating fresh, cooking or freezing. 

In Palisade there are many places to stop and shop. I picked up some peach salsa at a small farm outlet. Also available are peach jams, jellies, preserves, peach syrup, peach pie filling, dried peaches and, of course, fresh peaches.  

My husband recently brought home from work a container of homemade peach butter. Stephanie, whom he works with, had made a batch from fresh peaches and we were lucky recipients.  I am so grateful for  Stephanie's gift of cooking! If you're reading this, Stephanie, a heartfelt Thank You

Another stop along the way was St. Kathryn Cellars. The tasting room offers 16 fruit wines from which you can choose four to sample.

My favorites were the Peach Passion and the Apple Blossom.  

 In the tasting room is also a large gift shop with a wide selection of wine related accessories. If you're bringing home bottles of wine, they have cute cardboard carrying boxes that hold three bottles at a time. They also have a wine club so you can celebrate the juicy, fresh picked peach flavor all year long, even out of season, without leaving home.  

 Exploring Palisade, I was thinking all things peachy. When I tasted the Peach Passion wine, I just had to bring it home with me. My bottle is almost gone now but it will remain a sweet memory of my visit to Palisade.

Peach harvesting in Colorado begins in July and runs through August. It's getting close to the end of the season so if these pictures made your mouth drool, you'll have to hurry to order a box of Palisade peaches. There are many companies that will ship right to your door. 

"An apple is an excellent thing -- until you have tried a peach."
George du Maurier (1834-1896)


  1. Hi Rita. You are so welcome for the peachbutter! Those peaches this tear were great! Mmmmm....but alas, all gone. Maybe they taste so heavenly because we can only get them once a year. ???

  2. Those peaches are most definitely something to look forward to each year! I agree "alas, all gone."