Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Quickly Slips into Christmas

Earlier in the week as I prepared for my Thanksgiving dinner, I was amazed that both of my favorite radio stations were offering full time Christmas music.  I went to a store in search of Thanksgiving decorations and they were already relegated to a small clearance spot. Christmas had already overtaken the entire store. I was excited about preparing for Thanksgiving and wasn't into thinking about my Christmas preparations yet. I was happy to see on Facebook that Nordstrom Inc. wasn't going to jump into the pre-Christmas rush but would decorate on Friday, November 27. As they said "Why? Well, we just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time." Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but it gets rushed through and is buried between the Halloween hoopla and the Christmas frenzy. Have you noticed this too?

So, after a yummy family and friend Thanksgiving dinner party, I am happy to shift into Christmas mode. 

With the family gathered around the table we once again discussed how our Christmas present exchange was to happen this year. Last year we each drew a family name out of a Christmas hat.  Then we drew a  letter of the alphabet by which we'd purchase something that begins with that letter. For example, I got my daughter-in-law's name and the letter "L". So I went with "lavender" as my guiding theme. I found things in that color and fragrance. It made for a really awesome gift package. It was a fun time exchanging gifts as some of the family went all out in creativity. This year names were again drawn but the only thing decided was to keep the gifts around $20.00. I like the family's economic thinking. We do have young children in the family and we don't include them in the name drawing. Everyone dotes on the wee ones. It's such a delight in enjoying the excitement of the children. 

This Thanksgiving weekend I rejoice in the excitement that the Christmas season is
acceptably upon us. I went out for a short time on Black Friday to a few stores. I walked until my feet hurt on Small Business Saturday visiting our Old Town stores. I'm enjoying the Christmas music now and the fun of Christmas parties, cookie exchanges and gift shopping. I like my holidays one at a time too. 

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