Sunday, November 4, 2012

Signs and Unusual Sights while Traveling

In my travels near and far I always try to carry my camera with me so I can get a picture of things that make me smile. This week I'm picking a few of my favorites to show you. 

One day I stopped to visit at a nearby retirement community in Arvada, CO. I noticed a sign with the  words "Here I Am" on the car door next to me. The first thing I thought of was that I had just come across the winning plaque on some radio station's search contest. (I'm such an optimist). I then stretched a little more and saw "You Found It". Now I was really getting curious as to what I had found. A final stretch had me laughing. There on the bottom of the sign was "This is Your Car".  I wondered if the owner of the car had a problem of trying to get into the wrong car and some creative person, who can't spell, made up this magnetic sign.  A week later I happened to see a lady getting into the car with the sign. I couldn't resist asking her about the sign. She explained that for years she had a Cadillac that was easy to spot and recognize. More recently she had purchased a Toyota Corolla and to her dismay she found they were very popular cars and she was constantly having trouble finding which car was hers. After many frustrating searches a family member had made this sign for her. Now she knows for sure which car is hers.

When on a road trip I suspect that most people watch for the golden arches, known as McDonald's, for a rest stop. It's the perfect place for a clean bathroom, hot coffee or a quick meal to take with you on the road. On a trip between Amarillo and Wichita Falls on Highway 287, I had a double treat when I made a rest stop at Mickey D's  in Vernon, Texas. Having been a Roy Orbison fan for many decades I was thrilled to find I had landed in the birthplace of my favorite singer. A painting of Roy as well as this plaque graced the walls. I was giddy with joy, or maybe just road weary, but all the same it was an instant lift to my day. 

My second surprise at this Vernon, Texas, McDonald's was this Texas shaped sink in the ladies room. I thought this was such a hoot, I was glad I had my camera with me. I had never seen such a fancy sink in a fast food restaurant. I think it must be a combination of Texas pride and a celebration worthy of Roy Orbison's years of music. 
After all, Pretty Woman is an Orbison hit and this sink is honoring all the pretty women who use it in Vernon, Texas. 

This sign was found in Lyons, Colorado. It seems to be asking "do you need to use the restroom"? It's probably a question shared among a car load of travelers but this puts it out there for discussion. I do know the question mark probably is showing the way for finding travel information but I think it's funny putting the signs all together.

Along the same lines is the photo below. This was in Los Angeles, California. It give a whole new meaning to "port a potty". Who says you can't take it with you?

Downtown Denver, Colorado, had this sign attached high on a building.  I don't think anyone needs to go to class to learn how to get a DUI. At least it's obvious enough for those folks who know the true meaning of this class. 

Women love jewelry and men love hardware stores. Purvis Jewelers plays on both men and women's humor to get  their attention. The sign on the door reads "Gentlemen,  start her engine." I wouldn't mind if my husband wanted to go to this hardware store in Lakewood, Colorado. 

This next place was noteworthy because it declares that it's "A Thinking Place". It's actually a dive bar named Sancho's Broken Arrow and I really have no plans to go there. The reviews say it like it is but for some, it's a great place. How much thinking goes on? I wouldn't think too much.

In the back room of Duke's Restaurant in Malibu, California, is this poster that I dearly love. My ukulele friend, Christy, saw it first and told me about it. Since we are budding ukulele players, it's our motto. Living in Colorado, it took a special trip to Malibu to seek out a picture of the poster.  I was ecstatic to finally see it in person. Next time I'm in California, it might be another good reason to have another yummy dinner at Duke's. 

These are just a few of my favorite smile-inducing photos that I've collected. I am always looking for fun signs and unusual sights as I travel near and far. I'll share my next crop with you as well. Thanks for following Roaming Rita.

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