Friday, September 30, 2016

Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast, Cheyenne, Wyoming

I had always wondered what it was like to stay at a Bed and Breakfast. I had never done that and it was something on my Bucket List. The wonderful opportunity presented itself when my niece, Julia, had her bridal shower at the Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Cheyenne, Wyoming this year. A short history on the Nagle Warren Mansion is available here.

This lovely Victorian Mansion hosts twelve available rooms to choose from. Each room is uniquely dressed to recreate the splendor of the 19th century old West. The ornate staircases, fireplaces and authentic period decor made every room a delight to enjoy. 

My sister, Janet, and I couldn't resist climbing the rich cherry wood staircase to the third level. Plush carpeted stairs and stained glass windows on the landings made the trip a pleasant adventure.The tower on the third floor was a delightful destination. It was a luxurious, furnished reading room. The rattan furniture gave it a garden-like feel to the room. Five windows with soft draperies allowed for views all around. A separate door to the outdoor balcony tempted us to step outside.  It was a lovely sunny day and we had so much fun checking out this charming feature of the Mansion. 

The two fireplaces below are cast brass with mirrors to the ceiling. It was truly splendid elegance that I marveled at. The black fireplace is in the parlor and the one below is in the sitting room. 

The sitting room makes for quite an impression when signing in for one's stay. 
The impressive ornate woodwork throughout the house, the green and white wallpaper, parquet floors and prim furniture whisks you away into the year of 1888 when the Mansion was built. At that time, Cheyenne was the richest city of it's size in the world. The Mansion was built to showcase the riches of the time. The grand piano is the focal point in this room. 

Walking through the sitting room you will enter the library. Antique books, history books, newspapers  and scrapbooks offer hours of reading. This cozy corner offers a place for your unique reading pleasure. Other comfy chairs welcome you to sit and relax in front of the fireplace. The room is decorated with burgundy striped wallpaper and various paintings. There is also space for an intimate tea party in the library and a table to spread out the piles of books you plan to read. 

Looking back through the sitting room, through the vestibule, you see the parlor. Before we tour the parlor, I want to point out that this entry way boasts an original Moroccan chandelier and cherry paneling. The textured wallpaper just beckoned me to reach out and run my fingers over it. 

While waiting for the bridal shower to begin, my Mom Rosemary,  and my Sister Janet, relaxed in the parlor. I had a great time taking their portraits. Aren't they pretty? 

At the other end of the parlor is this magnificent Victorian buffet. To the left of it is the dining room where we had the bridal shower. 

The dining room was a cheery, bright, welcoming place for a bridal shower as well as morning breakfast for the patrons of the bed and breakfast.  The golden wallpaper made a lovely background for the sun shining through the stained glass windows of rich gold and red tones. I enjoyed watching the sun dancing through the colored glass on the white table cloth as I enjoyed a delicious breakfast each morning. 
After the festivities with my family and friends, I headed to my accommodations on the first floor of the attached carriage house.  The room was quiet and offered Wifi, TV, phone, bathrobes and ......

my favorite antique claw foot tub complete with a yellow Nagle Warren rubber ducky! 
I might have scandalized my dear Mother by having these pictures taken. I told her that maybe I staged them with my clothes on!  

My room was named the Frederick Warren room after the son of U.S. Senator Francis E. Warren. It had a Belmont king size bed, a period-style desk with rose printed stationary and a guest book to sign. The decor was soft gold with wainscoting. 

A gas log fireplace with a fossil fish on the front from South West Wyoming. My husband, the geophysicist knew that. I learn a lot from him. There was also a huge armoir in the room (not pictured) that held the TV and other amenities such as ironing board, iron, etc. Behind the chair were French doors opening out onto the patio. They were covered with beautiful rose patterned lace curtains. I kind of wanted to bring them home with me. I did use the French doors on my visit. Not like you might think though. In the evening I went out for a night cap with my three nieces and when I came tip toeing back to the door of the Mansion late at night I found the Mansion to be locked up tight. I felt like a prowler walking through the side yard and  crossing over another patio to get to my patio French doors. I quietly knocked on the window to ask my dear husband to come around to open the outside door for me. The nieces were waiting in the car watching to make sure their errant auntie got into her room for the night. I was grateful for the back up. 

 The carriage house where my room was located is pictured here. It's attached to the main house.  The French doors on the right is where my room was. 

To walk from the main part of the Mansion to the carriage house, a trip through the Butler's Pantry entices one to raid the cookie jar or to grab a cup of tea or coffee. The stocked pantry offers cold water, juice, soft drinks as well.  Along the way you might pass the resident kitty who quietly keeps herself out of your way. 

There are many other amenities that I didn't partake of. Downstairs are meeting and conference rooms and an exercise room.  Back on the main level is an enclosed hot tub and an outdoor garden area to enjoy when the Wyoming weather permits. 

Our host and innkeeper, Jim Osterfoss, was ever ready to visit, tell us stories of the history of the Mansion and to over see whatever we needed. To schedule your own visit you can call:
307-637-3333 or 800-811-2610.  The Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast is located 222 East 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001


  1. This is definitely a place to put on the list to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is definitely a place to put on the list to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cheyenne is only an hour and a half away so it makes a great get-away. Breakfast was really good too!