Saturday, November 29, 2014

Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe, Sioux City, Iowa

On a recent trip to Sioux City, Iowa, I spotted this store front. Palmer's Candy Company immediately became a must-go-to spot on my itinerary. 

Walking in the front door told me I had struck gold. Look at the cute stairway and inviting sights that welcomed me.

As my eyes and taste buds eagerly scanned the store I saw display upon display of candies of every kind. 

Bulk candies in plastic covered boxes gave a huge challenge to my sweet tooth. I wanted bags of everything. 

More candy!

While drooling my way through Palmer's, I had no trouble finding the signature Bing candy bar for which Palmer's Candy Company is known. It was first made in 1923 and today the Cherry Bing is still produced by hand. 

Here is what the Cherry Bing looks like after a big bite. Of course I "had" to buy some to try. 

Wandering past the candy I was then treated to the section of specialty foods Palmer's offers. There were samples available of the Maple Bacon and Onion Jam served over cream cheese with crackers. With one bite  I picked up a jar to come home with me. It was a struggle not to buy one of everything else they offered. 

Rounding the corner once again I came face to face with the glass cases of exquisite chocolates, fudge and truffles. 

I knew I didn't dare eat all this wonderful temptation myself so the peanut butter fudge I bought became a gift for my lucky niece who I was visiting next. 

To wear off the virtual calories I was absorbing on this self-guided tour, I turned my attention to the museum and artifacts that lined a wall showing the history of this candy company that had started over 135 years ago. Five generations have kept this treasure alive. 

The museum included this bright red chocolate enrober (above) from which chocolate water-fell over the pieces passing through the machine. This model was made in Paris and was used in the 1900's. Also in the museum was a drop roller sucker press. It boasted it's ability to make an unusual double ended ball pop sucker that challenged a person to eat it without getting sticky. 

Below is the Candy Cutter and Former. 

Taffy pullers, copper cooking kettles and antique pictures, advertising and other company artifacts are nicely displayed. The years and history of Palmer's is proudly exhibited. 

I made three trips to Palmer's in one day. The first visit was just a quick run through in which I knew I had to come back. The second visit was to go slow and absorb the smell of chocolate and eat up the eye candy. The third visit was for pictures for this post. I am surprised I didn't go hog wild in buying things but I did use some self control. Besides the Bings and the bacon jam, some divinity and this package of "the best ever" chocolate dipped potato chips did follow me out the door. A sweet life indeed. 

If you want to visit in person or order any of these yummies you can find them here:
Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe
405 Wesley Parkway
Sioux City, IA 51103


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