Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hormel Tamales are my Hero!

Hormel Tamales are my Hero!

Only a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a rare, fast moving. terminal cancer. It was a terrible shock to me and all the family. With a possible time-line now ticking I have marveled at what thoughts have crossed my mind. One in particular has been around food as I had been previously unable to eat. Sitting in my recliner, I suddenly had a huge hankering for the food of my youth. Hormel Tamales in a can, each wrapped in paper. 

My faithful children and husband went on a hunt to bring home tamales for Mom and wife. Searching all the major stores in the Denver area we marveled that none were available. Even the Internet was searched and still no Hormel tamales to be found. Every place was sold out; there were labels on the shelf, but no cans.

In conversation between PTO moms from my granddaughter's school this Facebook post was sent: "alright Facebook peeps, we need to search everyone's cupboards...I need one or two cans of Hormel Beef Tamales (non-spicy) for a friend of mine's mother who is in hospice with cancer. She is craving these and they cannot be found anywhere. We have tried local stores, online stores, etc. I have some folks looking out but I need to widen the circle. Time is of the essence and she and her family would be grateful as would I."

To my amazement the responses started coming in. A Kroger store in Russellville, Arkansas had them in stock. Someone else spotted some on eBay. Amazon had some crazy overpriced ones. Another person was checking their food bank as they got stuff like this. Dollar Store was out of stock. 

With a light at the end of the tamale tunnel, a friend of a friend came through and reached out to people at Hormel. They totally surprised me by sending out word that they would be over-nighting tamales to the dear local friend of my daughter's who originally posted the Facebook plea to her friends. 

The box is here! I am working my way through the colorful blue and white paper filling to find the 5 cans of tamales! 

My mouth began to water knowing I'd soon be tasting these gourmet tamales of my youth. 

The over-night mailing was first missed so it was fun watching the path my package was taking beginning one day later. Janesville, Wisconsin; Rockford, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; Commerce City, Colorado; Broomfield, Colorado; then to my daughter and finally hand delivered to my home in Arvada, Colorado! What a joyful day!

Of course having a team of children and grandchildren I do believe it's my duty to bring them up young on Hormel Tamales! 

In the course of the hunt, a cousin of my husband told the story of his bachelor days. He'd be invited to a party and instead of arriving empty handed, he'd open a can of Hormel Tamales and pour a can of Hormel Chili, no beans, over it, adding cheese and then warming it up. Party goers were impressed that a bachelor would arrive with such a delicious casserole. Now that the tamales have been found, he and his wife brought over the Hormel Chili in case we wanted a bachelor casserole!

As I write this post it is July 4th, 2020. I am so anxious to share my addiction, so this evening we are opening up Hormel Tamale cans for the tasting pleasure of my family.

Here are the tamales fresh from the can, still wrapped in paper, in the skillet, ready to heat! You can almost smell them here! 

Just like I remember them! Paper removed, warmed and ready for that first bite of remembrance from many years ago! 

Hormel, thank you! You still put a smile on my face with these gourmet tamales! My son, one of my taste testers, said "I'm full but I still want to keep eating them!" We all went home full and happy! 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Victorian Christmas Stockings

Victorian Christmas Stockings!

A while back I had been inspired to make up these pretty satin and lace stockings for a few special people. I think I may have made five at that time. Last year I got the bug to sew something and I opened the box where my supplies for these stockings had patiently waited. To my great surprise some were already cut out, marked and ready to put together. I took up the challenge to make stockings for all my girls and granddaughters. 

I loved the different colors and individual designs as I sewed each one. I had satin in deep burgundy, green, blue, silver, red, white and I used vintage buttons on the cuffs as much as I could.

I think green was one of my favorite colors! 

Each stocking had it's own personality and I decided to let each of the daughters and granddaughters pick out a favorite one. 

This red stocking was made specially for my secret pal, Linda. She loves ladybugs so I found a ladybug button for hers. 

I have three grandsons and I didn't think they would appreciate satin and lace stockings so I raided my husband's closet (their Grandfather's) and came up with this pattern of using ties for their stockings. The blue and gray one went to my oldest grandson as I thought it was more sophisticated for a 15 yr old. My 6 yr old and newborn got the other tie stockings.

My Daughter, Mary, requested a white stocking

My Granddaughter, Abbi, chose the silver, trimmed in burgundy stocking.

Morgan loves blue. It turned out to be one of the most popular color choices. 

Lindsey had a hard time trying to decide what color of stocking she wanted. Finally the burgundy one was her final choice.

Christy picked the white one right away! 

Sarah got the last of the blue ones. Next time I'll make more of them!

Andy was all smiles with his stocking! 

I lost track how many stockings I made at this time. Somewhere over 20 I'm thinking. Here are some pictures of the finished ones. I wish the pictures were clearer but it gives you an idea of what was in production!

More Blue! 

Burgundy was so elegant!

Truly Christmas colors! 

All the stockings are not seen here but can you pick out a favorite? 

 I've already started collecting lovely men's ties for another round with them. They are pretty awesome and I look forward to working with them. Making these can be labor intensive but they are worth it. I love how they turn out! So here's to more sewing of Victorian Christmas Stockings!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Jimmy Buffett Concert

Celebrating Jimmy Buffett in Vegas, Denver and on the Pacific waters.

Let the Party begin!

Our escort, David, won Christy and my hearts by having fresh flower leis waiting for us when we arrived in Vegas. They were flown in from Hawaii and they smelled so good. I still have mine, a bit dehydrated but a wonderful memory.

And the pirates were on the prowl!

The crowds kept on coming!

Celebrating a Huge Margarita!

Party-Goers got to fill their mugs from the Giant Margarita!

Don't think for a minute that I drank this whole thing! I did bring the empty mug home!

Jimmy Buffett, the man of the night!

Fun Times!

After a weekend in Vegas, it was back to Jimmy Buffett in Denver.  The Colorado Parrot Heads know how to do a tail gate party! The phun continued.

This is one of my favorite Parrot Head pictures. It's not at the concerts but our trek in the St. Paddy's Day parade in Denver. I had to stick it in here, like a photo bomb!

All too many times it's not possible to be at a Jimmy Buffett concert or a Margaritaville Parrot Head party. However, a party can happen anywhere!

I am ready for phun on my friend's beautiful sail boat!

Happy Days with streaming Jimmy Buffett on the sailboat.

Who is this silly girl at the helm?

Pure Joy!

Let the Parrot Head fun continue where ever you can find it!

Parrot Head Phun

Oh how I love to have fun! One of the most merry making things I ever did was becoming a Parrot Head and walking in the St. Paddy's Day parade in downtown Denver. 

What is a Parrot Head tail gate party without Jello shots? Christy and I entwined our arms as a symbol of lost Jello Shot virginity. After all what are Besties to do?

Now to truly be a good Parrot Head representative, it's necessary to dress the part!
Hats, necklaces, T-shirts, Parrot Head hats, leis all have a part of the identity.

Rex really is a Parrot Head at heart!

Let the good times roll! The big semi holding the tiki float with the erupting volcano heads out to the Denver street on the parade route.

See the lava flow from the volcano? This is what makes for a First Place award in the judge's vote. It's hard to be humble when the Parrot Heads get First Place every year!  

Happy Day for an Irish lass. Can't think of a better way to celebrate! 

No need to wait for a Parade if you are a Parrot Head!